Tulasi is a well-known spiritual and religious symbol in Hinduism. And it is considered to be the most beautiful gift of nature to mankind. Let’s explore, why tulasi is considered religiously so important in Hindi culture…

According to the mythological legend, Tulasi was the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and was brought to earth for the betterment. It is considered as a holy plant and it is considered auspicious to have a Tulasi plant in every house.

Tulasi is the mother of Ayurveda and from prehistoric times, our ancestors respected nature and its precious gifts, Tulasi being one of it. The importance of tulasi is more than its reference in the mythical tales. Tulasi has incredible medicinal and herbal benefits, it is the best herb to balance the body health and make the immune system stronger. The mercury traces present in the tulasi leaves can fight deadly diseases like cancer, bronchitis, upset stomach, and it is also effective during common cold and flu because of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Mosquitoes, insects, and snakes do not enter the place where Tulasi is planted.

Tulasi is worshiped and considered as a holy wonder herb with magical powers, only because of its healing properties.

Tulasi is a great purifier of the body as well as the environment, so, surround yourself with positive spiritual vibrations and don’t allow the negative evil power to come near you by planting the Tulasi plant.