Holi a major festival of Hindus celebrated around the world. Marking the beginning of the spring, It’s that time when the man and nature both behave alike by throwing away the chill and gloom of winter with amazing spring colors

Saying goodbye to winters, Hindus welcome the colorful festival of Holi. It all starts with the bonfire (Holika Dahan) one day before the occasion, and after that splash of colors and waters. Everyone knows the reason behind the celebration of Holi (Victory of Lord Vishnu over evil king Hiranyakashipu). This festival is celebrated not only in India but around the globe, apparently with same enthusiasm.
Hindus who get settled abroad feel more elated celebrating these festivals than anyone else. This is the time when they take out time from their busy schedule to meet their family, relatives, and friends and get overwhelmed by a feeling of brotherhood while getting connected to their origin and Hindu roots.
Thus, one of the most popular festivals around the globe, It is a festival which brings non-Hindus and the community outside the continent together.