Fasting is a spiritual and healthy regime for our body. The process of fasting enables a man to raise his consciousness into higher realms. Let’s explore how…

An important feature of Hinduism, fasting was considered as a process through which a person manifested his sins and offered his love, prayers and forgiveness to god. However, the true significance of this process is long forgotten by the human kind in the current scenario. People resort to fasting for multiple reasons sans spiritual. It is believed that observing fast is preserved in our holy scriptures and is a method of purification in the spiritual life of a person.

Navratris is one such popular festivals that holds an important role in our Hindu Culture. It is a nine-day long festival and is celebrated through out the world. A festival that worships nine incarnations of Goddess Durga, it is a celebration that symbolizes victory of positivity over negativity.

It is scientifically proven that fasting makes our mind calm and serene. Our brain becomes more receptive which is why reading scriptures of deities and chanting are advised while keeping fast. Our mind is awakened and worshiping a particular deity on a this day can immensely elevate our mind to a euphoric zone. It is also said that fasting once a week is good for health and gives your body a day off from its regular working.

Thus, it not only detoxifies our body but also removes impurities by praying and regaining energy in a spiritual way.