Surrey ( British Columbia – Canada) : The three founding directors of Canadian Hindu Foundation Mr. Rajesh Veauli, Mr. Rajiv Soni and Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma visited Hastings and Main street in Vancouver, the proposed site of holding of food drive. This was a much educative short trip regarding the holding of food drive on Dec. 18, 2016. It was practically seen that lots of organizations and people individually are holding such drives every Saturday and Sunday and from the last so many years.

Then it was decided on the spot, why not to hold the food drive at Surrey. There are also homeless people needing our help. Mr. Rajiv Soni was kind enough to turn the car towards the area in Surrey.

Mr. Rajesh Veauli and Ashwani Kumar Sharma talked to the homeless people and the administrative staff there about the food drive on next Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016.

Canadian Hindu Foundation has decided to hold food drive as their regular feature. There is enough to be accomplished in Surrey too, moreover Surrey is our home town, much easy to get success in our forth-coming programs.


Canadian Hindu Foundation is appealing to all those willing to join hands with us, in any way they can contribute. We need volunteers, clothing to be distributed to the needy people shivering in cold and looking for warmth. WE ALSO NEED FINANCIAL HELP, to ACCOMPLISH OUR SCHEDULED PROGRAMS. Kindly become member of CHF, pay the membership fee as donation. You would be provided with proper receipts in the amount you donate.


The visit to the colony of homeless people in Surrey near Whalley and King George area compelled us to feel that we are lucky we got the roof over our heads and eating, drinking whatever we like. If we thank the God a million times a day, even then it’s not enough. Come one, come all let’s make things happen and serve the community, without discriminating caste, creed, religion. Let’s play our role to strengthen multi-culturalism in Canada.