Our Guiding Principles

  • CHF’s “Karma” or causality of actions are guided by “Dharma”, which means virtuous way of living that is binding on all that exists.
  • Our values and conduct are driven by rationality and harmony enshrined in “Sanatana Dharma”.
  • We are conscious that our core identity is attached to our ancestral and spiritual homeland of ancient Hindu civilization. We recognize that this identity represents us in every forum we participate in. We defend the true narrative of this identity as known to believers of Hindu faith, culture and traditions or “sampradayas” and “parampara”.
  • We are politically non-partisan. We are not affiliated to or being assisted by any political organization. We work with any individual or party that seeks to serve Hindu Canadians and greater good of all Canadians.
  • We cooperate and collaborate with organizations in common causes whose philosophy aligns with our “dharma” in order to strengthen the core Canadian values as per the core Hindu spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, which means the entire world is one family.
  • We are not partial to anyone based on ethnicity, race, colour, nationality, caste, gender, national origin, region, language, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Vision and Approach:

Public Policy:
  • We advocate for inclusive rights and prosperity of Hindu identity in Canada and abroad.
  • We advocate for domestic and foreign policies to protect and strengthen the core interests of Hindu community in Canada and abroad.
  • We reach out to civic, government, social and media platforms in Canada to accord well deserved dignity and respect to our core identity and accommodate our pluralistic traditions and culture. Our mantra is “Satyameva Jayate”, which means truth alone triumphs.
  • We work with Canadian academic institutions to spread awareness of Hindu philosophies and to ensure the security of religious freedom for future generations of Hindu Canadians.
  • We bring the Hindu Canadian community together for our collective self-respect, safety, security and prosperity.
  • We engage and contribute to society at large in social causes that benefit all Canadians.